MarGin Consulting, LLC will eliminate waste from the conventional lexicon through the novel configuration of existing technologies. Over time, this will allow us to achieve the goal of carbon negative utility scale power generation and product manufacture through the recovery of energy captured in conventional waste streams.

Producing: “drop-in” fuels, pharmaceutical & nutraceutical agents, biodiesel/ethanol feedstock, utility-scale electrical power, chemical & agricultural products

Reducing: landfill use and pollution from fuel production & power generation by at least 75%


We will provide – through strategic partnerships, Public/Private Partnerships and provision of ongoing consultation services – affordable electricity, transportation fuels, industrial solvents, chemicals and pharmaceutical products to the US market by employing a novel configuration of existing, proven technologies to reduce R&D and time to deployment burdens.This will enable the United States to wean rapidly from imported fuels while reducing emissions through the use of biodegradable combinations of synthetic and bio-fuels. Exchanging imported fuels for those of domestic origin will enhance economic stability and security. Concomitant recovery of electrical power from the exothermic processes required to convert organic materials to fuels and other products as well as the conversion of emissions to feedstocks using internal resources permits the reduced dependence on and eventual displacement of fossil fuel sources.Decentralizing fuel and power production enhances fuel and power security through dispersal of resources while reducing the transportation burden and associated costs of centralized facilities while still enjoying economies of scale through the realization of regional facility deployment.